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The National Association of Citizens Information Services

The National Association of Citizens Information Centres and Services is the national representative body of Citizens Information Services and Citizens Information Centres. The Association acts as the voice of the CIS and CIC and is committed to supporting the development of an independent, professional, non-judgmental information and advocacy service.

The National Association of Citizens Information Centres and Services will be the representative body of such structures and organisations. It will represent CIC\CIS nationwide and support them in their task of providing information on a range of issues such as social welfare, disability, health, residency, employment, family law, etc.

NACIS will be committed to the development of an independent, professional and supportive information and advocacy services. The Association will act as the voice of the CIC\CIS and their clients the public as regards information needs on a wide range of issues. NACIS will act as the independent voice of CIC\CIS nationally and will be committed to the promotion of active citizenship in its widest understanding Notwithstanding the above, NACIS will respect the independence and autonomy of individual CICs\CISs

To represent the collective views of Citizens Information Centres(CIC) and Citizens Information Services(CIS) nationally and to inform policy and strategic planning in regard to those services with a view to benefiting the individuals and communities serviced by CIS, promoting social inclusion and tackling disadvantage.

In the development of such services, it will liaise with Citizens Information Board, various Government Departments and structures, other organisations and a wide range of community based groups. It will also develop links with other CIC\CIS structures in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and internationally

NACIS will maintain its own small Secretariat (Executive) and will be dedicated to the development of communications and networking within the service, to ongoing professionalism, to researching information needs as well as to advocating change as a result of its interactions with the public and stakeholders.

At NACIS we are committed to high standards of corporate governance and pride ourselves on how we conduct our business. The NACIS reputation for integrity will stem from its core values of quality, timeliness, respect and professionalism.



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